About me

Valley of Rocks, Lynton, United Kingdom (Sep 2020)

CHAN Pak-ka Parker 陳柏嘉 (CHEN Bojia)


I am currently a doctoral candidate in Oriental Studies at the University of Oxford. The following keywords represent my main research project: Chinese classics; classical interpretations; intellectual history; Shijing 詩經 (Classic of Odes); master-student filiation; Han dynasty. Briefly, the project investigates the developmental history of classical interpretations in Han China. I did my bachelor in Chinese Language and Literature at The Chinese University of Hong Kong where I was mainly trained in Chinese classical texts studies. Before starting my doctoral study, I taught in several tertiary institutions for a few years.

I have a continuing interest in the world of classical Chinese literati so I learnt to create classical poems, lyrics, and calligraphy, and play archery (this is actually quite modern). The comparatively more modern side of me participates in creative writing and other target sports like air pistol shooting. I also enjoy cooking, watching movies, reading literature, and travelling. I do not think I am good at any of the above but I would love to make friends with people with similar interests. My Facebook page ‘He She Production 何許製品’ displays some of my handmade works. I also very much enjoy writing journals which you can find some on this website.

Generally speaking, this website you are browsing (parkerchan.hk) mostly keeps selected journals and serves as a one-stop platform pointing to my different social media accounts (listed at the top of the site) and professional pages (listed at ‘Links’).

You are welcome to connect with me or drop me an email: 1@parkerchan.hk.

The Chinese University of Hong Kong (May 2006)

A place that I call home, where I started to really read Chinese, to laugh out loud, to get a full-time job, to have dialogues with fishes, to establish a (shell) company, to teach, to be in a relationship, and to cry.